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Are hackers threatening your information assets and services?

Reliability to your IT Infrastructure, Web Services and Applications with Penetration Testing

Anyone who hasn’t performed sufficient protections can be target for cyber security offences these days. A cyber attack can mean significant impacts to business or the existence of a company altogether. Therefore, it is wise to protect oneself in advance from these risks.

Our ethical hacking testing service helps to identify and repair vulnerabilities in information systems or IT systems. In addition to testing reports, we produce necessary confidence statements to support your stakeholder communications, provide consulting services in accordance with different frameworks, e.g. the ISO standards, as well as our hands-on cybersecurity certification, the CyberSafe certification for businesses, organizations and individual information systems.


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elfATTACK System Hacker Testing

elfATTACK is a testing service for ethical hacking where the security of an organization or information system tested. Hacker testing usually performed by a so-called penetration testing (pen test) where, for example, the security of an information system or corporate server and network is tested by trying to bypass the fences of the target environment. 

elfATTACK hacker testing is suitable for companies that need to investigate the security of the target system and identify and repair system vulnerabilities. As an outcome, the company receives a detailed and reliable report of identified vulnerabilities, including their prioritization and development suggestions to improve the found security vulnerabilities. 


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Who Needs Hacker Testing?

Who Needs Hacker Testing?

All organizations handling electronic information and utilizing information technology must take care of their information systems’ data security. Would you like to ensure uninterrupted business continuity, meet regulatory compliance or guarantee and be able to prove fulfilled contractual obligations? Organizations often face external requirements to perform recurring security testing but at least an equally strong motivation should rise from the interest to protect their own business . 

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Infographic: 6 Reasons to Invest in Hacker Testing

All organizations are responsible for the cyber security of their information systems and software. There are risks you will want to mitigate rather than accept – would you want to just wait for these threats to actualize? Read from our blog, why you would want to invest in hacker testing sooner rather than later.


Phishing is a Significant Threat to Organizations

In our experience, there are two kind of organizations: Those that know they are subject to phishing attacks, and then there are those that don’t know it yet. In this blog article we describe the motives our customers often have for conducting phishing exercises, where we model the ways someone spying and spoofing for information might use.


Case – Provenly Cyber Secure Cloud Database Service

Aiven operates internationally with both small and large companies to whom the cyber security of their databases is critical. To support their sales and marketing communications, Aiven searched for service provider to carry out external cyber security testing to their service platform. Aiven’s business is based on the security and trustworthiness of their cloud-based database service. Therefore, assurance on the high level of cyber security, given by an external party, is remarkable for Aiven.


Case FRENDS - Mission Critical Integration Platform Security Testing

HiQ Finland asked elfGROUP to test the cyber security of their FRENDS integration platform. In this way they got an outsider view of the security level of FRENDS, and a CyberSafe certificate that they plan to use in their customer and product communications to testify the suitability of FRENDS for automation of mission critical business processes and integration of confidential information between IT systems.


Guide: Preparing for Hackers. Critical Steps for Hacker-proofing Your Company

Three elfGROUP cyber security experts put together a PDF Guide: “Preparing for hackers. Checklist: Critical Steps for Hacker-proofing Your Company”. Download the guide now and get started easily with continuously improving your organization’s cyber secure way of conducting business. 


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